Charlie Strickland

Former SWAT Team Leader, retired law enforcement Lieutenant, now teaching self-defense, active shooter response, and firearms safety, and co-host of The Talon Outdoors Show on iHeart Radio.

Longtime law enforcement professional Charlie Strickland is a Florida Criminal Justice Standards Training Commission General and Firearms Instructor. After 25 years in law enforcement, Strickland now teaches self-defense, active shooter response and firearm safety as CEO and co-owner of Talon Range and Talon Training Group. Strickland is also President of Talon Security, and Armed Security company specializing in medical facilities and large properties across Florida and South Georgia.

Charlie Strickland is a highly sought-after speaker on personal safety and active shooter response. He conducts threat assessments and training for the public and private sector, and is co-host of The Talon Outdoors Show on iHeart Radio – a weekly radio program focused on outdoor lifestyle and personal safety issues.

An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Strickland has a small Quail operation, and over the years, he has farmed both large row crops and livestock.

Strickland holds a B.S. and MBA from the Florida State University. He’s a graduate of Leadership Tallahassee, Class 29.


Personal Safety in the Workplace, Home and Vehicle

Active Shooter Response

Firearms Topics

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