Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a speaker for a virtual event?

Yes. We recognize that event planners need flexibility to move forward with planning for digital and virtual meetings and events. We’ll help connect you with speakers offering virtual programs to engage your audience wherever they may be. Contact us with details about your virtual event.

How can a speakers bureau help me?

Identifying a speaker for your event can sometimes be overwhelming. Keynote Speakers Bureau is your resource for connecting speakers to event professionals seeking a speaker. We’ll help match our collection of speakers to help simplify the planning and searching process for a speaker.

What if my budget doesn’t match a speakers fee?

Speaker fee ranges vary, and the speaker you may be interested in may not fit your budget. Keynote Speakers Bureau can help match the type of speaker or presentation you’re looking for, with a presenter that both conveys your ideal presentation and meets the budget. Contact us today and let us help match your needs with your budget.

Can I connect with the speaker in advance?

We recognize the importance of connecting with your speaker in advance to provide key details about the audience or event. Many Keynote Speakers Bureau speakers, or their representatives, are available to connect in advance.

Do you secure travel and logistics for the speaker?

Yes. We will make all travel arrangements for your speaker, and provide a detailed logistics itinerary in advance of the event.

What’s the first step in booking a speaker?

The Keynote Speakers Bureau is happy to help you. Simply email us at to get started.

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