Gary Yordon

Seven-time EMMY Award winner, media producer/director for political candidates and issue campaigns, a John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award nominee, television host, and a former elected official.

A seven-time EMMY Award winner, Gary Yordon has produced and directed the marketing for more than 250 local, state and federal candidates as well as public sector amendments and referendums.

Gary is founder of the media and political consulting firm, The Zachary Group, where he produces media for corporate clients, non-profits and government agencies.

He served 12 years on the Leon County, Florida Board of County Commissioners, including two stints as the Commission Chairman. Additionally, he served six years as Chairman of the Tourist Development Council.

He’s the only Florida county commissioner to be nominated for the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award for his efforts to protect Florida’s water resources. He was twice named the Florida Local Elected Official of the Year by the Florida Jaycees.

Gary hosts a popular local CBS television political program, The Usual Suspects – a staple in Florida’s political circle. He is a national award winning columnist for Gannett Newspapers and author of the book Driving the Road of Life, with a Flat Tire.

Gary plays outfield for the national amateur baseball team, The Tallahassee Bombers, and is a former Seed-Spitting Champion at the Jefferson County Watermelon Festival.


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