Ted Abernathy

Economic futurist, author and innovation ecosystem leader using data analytics and strategic planning to help companies, governments, foundations and business organizations across the globe to reimagine the post-pandemic economic future.

Ted Abernathy knows a thing or two about trendspotting, economic competitiveness and helping organizations prepare to reimagine and thrive in our post-pandemic future.

Ted simplifies complexity.

From directing the operations of the Research Triangle Regional Partnership thinktank in North Carolina, to designing an innovation ecosystem for a new science city in Kenya, Ted has led public- and private-sector organizations to capitalize on competitiveness, workforce and technology opportunities that help bottom lines thrive.

He currently spearheads Economic Leadership LLC, based in North Carolina, while also advising the National Council of State Chambers, and he has devoted his lifetime to helping leaders at the highest levels to succeed.

Ted is often called upon by chambers of commerce, manufacturers, associations, Realtors, economic and technology organizations, and his recent keynote presentations include the National Association of Workforce Professionals, the International Eisenhower Fellowships, the Society of Industrial Realtors and International Economic Development Council.

He received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and his master’s from Johns Hopkins University. He is a graduate of the Economic Development Institute, and is an Eisenhower Fellow for global economics.


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